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Facultatea de Mecanica
Departamentul de Inginerie Mecanica


Contents 2010 ISSUE 2

Front Cover

1. Robert Toderascu, Liliana Rusu, Some features of the MOHID Water Modelling System and on the reliability of such model for the Black Sea basin

2. Mariana Bernardino, Evaluation of the Storm Vulnerability of Two Ship Routes in the North Atlantic  

3. Sorin Diaconu, Eugen Rusu, Wave effect on two cylinders using the panel method 

4. Marius Vasie, Laurentia Andrei, Industrial Applications of Non-Circular Gears

5. Angela Ivan, Sorin Diaconu, Analysis of the navigation threats at the entrance of Sulina channel

6. Dorin Butunoiu, Robert Toderascu, Resul Teke, Development of a system based on numerical models to provide the environmental conditions in the Black Sea basin

7. Alexandru Nastase, Florin Onea, Resul Teke, Progressive Wave in Ultrasonic Engines

8. Alexandru Nastase, Sorin Diaconu, Maria Rodriguez Bernal, Symmetrical circular vibrating systems

9. Florin Onea, Eugen Rusu, Mariana Bernardino, Overview of Wave and Wind Climate in the Romanian Nearshore Using Sattelite Data